I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at James Madison University in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA. I primarily teach Introduction to Programming (CS 149), Advanced Programming (CS 159, anticipated), Designing Interactive Systems (CS 480 and CS 447), and Front-End Web Development (CS 347). My teaching interests include recruiting students from diverse backgrounds (with respect to academic interests, but especially with respect to demographics) and finding parts of the design and computing fields that serve them in following their passions.

My research interests fall under the enormous umbrella of Human Computer Interaction. More specifically I am interested in studying (and designing for) people’s interpersonal interactions and relationships, especially when their interaction is mediated by technology. I am interested in designing novel technological support for the subtle and delicate [sociality]” of human relationships. Of course being primarily interested in teaching, I often cross the streams and design and study these research interests in the context of education and the classroom.


the moral machine – a walkthrough

This summer, I am working on a project that will be used as a educational tool for computing ethics. Exciting stuff. It actually is pretty sweet, and I’ll detail that project in a later post.Educational tools for computing ethics already exist; MIT mad…

my origins in code

Most real geeks will scoff at you if you have HTML or CSS listed under programming languages on your résumé. Learn a real programming language, you simp. In all fairness, they’re correct; HTML is really a markup language (along with things like XML and…